Asthma, allergies, snoring and anxiousness have all been linked with poor breathing habits.

Would you like to know what those habits are?

Buy "Signs and Symptoms of Poor Breathing Habits -- A Resource Guide" now. This is a $75 value we sell for $19.95.
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 “Signs and Symptoms of Poor Breathing Habits – A Resource Guide” is designed to help you explore and describe exactly what’s happening when you experience of symptoms of asthma, allergies, snoring, anxiousness and other chronic illnesses that have been linked with hyperventilation . 

The source of breathing issues can be biochemical, biomechanical, or psychophysiological.  This is an opportunity to determine how poor breathing habits may be contributing to your health problems, affecting your sports performance and sapping your energy.  We offer an alternative non-medical/non-psychological approach to better breathing.

See what questions leading breathing experts would ask you. Review lists of breathing-related health symptoms and diseases that can be exacerbated by faulty breathing. Discover the relationship between stress and poor breathing, and what you can do to maintain healthy breathing habits even when life is chaotic.

Recognizing poor breathing habits...

--mouth breathing rather than nasal breathing
--not cooling the breathing down after exercise to a resting rate
--moving faster than is comfortable the first step toward adopting healthy breathing habits!

We each breathe 20,000 to 30,000 times a day. There is an advisable way to breathe – from number of breaths per minute to quantity of air per breath at rest.

There's no downside to trying it. Adopting healthy breathing habits supports everything else you are doing.